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Organic yeast products and their versatile functions in savory and health food

Organic options are increasing in the food aisles and organic yeast can be an ingredient for the short ingredient lists for many of these. Nutritional yeast has been used for decades in vegetarian and health food and is sought after for its high quality protein, fibers and B-vitamins. Vegetarians use the pure yeast flakes to sprinkle on salad or muesli to get a more flavorful meal and nutritional benefits.

Taste and aroma of nutritional yeast and yeast extract vary depending on the product from slightly bready and savory to toasted notes. They help bring out the taste of various savory foods such as vegan products, meat replacers, soups, sauces and seasonings for snacks.

Last but not least organic nutritional yeast can also play a role in the functionality of savory food products by increasing waterbinding and emulsifying capacity.


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